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I have Social Media, why do I need a website?

A well managed Social Media presence provides your business with an excellent platform to communicate with your audience, build trust and showcase your products/services. So, the big question is, if Social Media will do all these things, does your business really need a website?

Here's why I think so:

Business Credibility Without a doubt, a well-designed and current website will portray to your prospective customer that you are a credible business who is ready to the provide/service that they’re seeking. I’ve also found that it's not just the customer that you need to impress, if you apply for membership to an organisation, to speak at an event, or even boring things like insurance or finance, they will also ask for your web address for the exact same reason; a website provides credibility.

Future Proofing We all know that it’s always risky to put all your eggs in one basket. You have no control on the future of your chosen Social Media platform, they rise and fall in popularity, over time people change the way they interact with the platform and the rules for users are always changing. Some business owners have spent years building a successful profile, only to have it shut down without any opportunity for recourse because they unwittingly broke the rules. I’ve also had Business owners contact me in all sorts of trouble when they’ve lost control of their Social Media profiles due to former employees, contractors or hackers. Some I’ve been able to help but others have just had to give up and start re-building. Social Media is an excellent tool for promoting your business but your own website is the best way to future proof your online presence.

Branding and Flexibility A website is the one place you can completely tailor to suit your business, using the right fonts, colours, overall feel, layout and visuals. You can publish and promote whatever you like, providing it’s legal of course. As the website owner you have complete control over the features you include, adapting it to suit your evolving business needs.

Business Value You may not be considering this now but at some stage you may like to sell your business as a going concern. A long standing, well visited and functioning website will add value to your goodwill, leading to a better sale price for your business.

Create Revenue We sometimes don’t like to admit it, but creating revenue is the main reason most of us are in business. Your promotional efforts may include Social Media, Email Marketing, Print Material, Radio, or even Television, but just like the saying "All roads lead to Rome", all avenues should land prospective buyers at your website. Once they arrive, it's the website’s purpose to help them easily find the information they need and hopefully do business with you.

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